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מִנֶּגֶד הוקמה מתוך אהבה לספר ולעולם הספרים, במטרה להוציא לאור ספרים שנוכחותם חסרה על המדף העברי, לצד ספרים העוסקים בעולם הספר ובאנשים הפועלים בו.

About Mineged

Mineged was founded out of love for books and the world of books, in order to publish books whose absence is felt on the Hebrew bookshelf, along with books that deal with the world of books and its people – all while ensuring the finest quality, creating books that are pleasant to hold and read. 

Thus, for example, Mineged published Stefan Zweig’s story
The Invisible Collection, centered on an antique book dealer and a blind collector; the Spitzer Book, a comprehensive monograph about Dr. Moshe Spitzer and Tarshish Publishing; the book Shop and Label, a study of the bookstores that operated in Eretz Yisrael during the British Mandate; and other titles focused on the world of books.

Most of Mineged’s books are set in
Romema-Spitzer typeface, which was designed by Dr. Moshe Spitzer in the 1950s and digitally reissued in 2016 especially for Mineged Publishing. 

Some of Mineged’s titles are issued in limited, hand-bound, numbered editions, each book forming a complete object that fuses matter, form, and content. 
Mineged was founded in 2010 by Meron Eren, who’d spent decades locating and selling old and rare books, manuscripts, and historical documents. The company operates in Jerusalem, next to
Kedem Auction House.

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